A section of 175 Tunnelling Company. Courtesy of Spellmount Books

A section of 175 Tunnelling Company. Courtesy of Spellmount Books

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  1. Could anyone please name the men in this photograph? or connect me to other photographs of the 175th tunnelling company? My relative was Lance Corporal Ralph Davis Reg No. 102341 of the 175th Tunnelling Co. and I have no photographs of him, he was killed on Flanders Fields and it would be wonderful to see his face.

    • Dear Holly,
      I have emailed you with details. It would appear from the war diary of 175TC that your relative was one of three men killed that day whilst in the open above ground. There are plenty more details on my email as well as a link to his extant service record.
      Best wishes,
      Jeremy Banning (Admin)

      • Hi Jeremy,

        My relative Thomas Fulham Wales was in the 175th Tunnelling Co, would he be on the photo by any chance, as I don’t have any photos’ ?

        Many thanks

        Details :
        Thomas Fulham Wales
        Born 1881 Northumberland
        Occupation prior to enlisting :Miner & Stone mason
        Enlisted 02/06/1915
        Army Number 102237
        Sapper in Royal Engineers
        Transferred to 175 Tunneling Regiment 19/07/1915 due to his work as a miner.
        Discharged 15/12/1916 – “Discharged – no longer physically fit for War Service, Para 392 XVI King’s regulations2
        Awarded Victory, British and Star Medal

        • Sorry Brad, I do not have details of the personnel on the photo so cannot say for sure.
          Best wishes,
          Jeremy Banning (Admin)

      • Dear Holly,

        I believe that Sapper 102341 R. Davis was awarded a medal for Distinguished Conduct in the Field in early December 1915.

        I have his medal without the ribbon, have you found anything else about him and the circumstances of the award?


  2. Alan Tomlinson

    My great uncle was in the 175th Tom Thompson… died early 1916 from wounds sustained july 1915 at Hooge.
    I have a photo of him with his wife and children …… I would like to know if poss who these guys are ?
    Tom was a miner from the Potteries and may have joined with others from his area. My research and thanks to JB have found out so much but would like to know more as at this time so much seems to be coming to light.

  3. Jenny Williams

    Sapper Norman Alfred Simpson #8132, 2nd Aust Tunnelling Company
    Enlisted August 1917, service in France March 1918
    The above is my Grandfather, I have no photograph of him
    an you assist please?

  4. Siobhan McClennon

    I too wonder whether my great grandfather William McClennon is one of the faces in the photograph of a section of the 175th ?

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